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Need a trusted 2nd opinion?

After two decades of implementing information technology solutions for businesses large and small, as a consultant and as an employee, in roles from analyst to project manager to CIO/CTO, I can say with some certainty that the single most important driver of project success is to have the understanding and support of the senior business executive.

The understanding piece is critical because every project hits a point where there are difficulties, and often the depth of the problems get papered over and fester as the implementation team fears losing the support of top management. But what they don’t understand is that if you are made fully aware you will have exactly the perspective and encouragement necessary to keep things moving.

You know that’s true, but you also know how challenging it is to evaluate the project proposals being brought to you by your staff and your vendors and satisfy yourself that you understand just what it is you are buying.

We’re in business to be a trusted third party, a sounding board, an independent investigator, a consultancy you can go to for a second opinion.

Contact our principal, F. X. Flinn, at 802.295.4477

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